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My Story

Alexandra McNear is a writer, editor, and passionate reader. She has written for several Long Island newspaper and documentary films, and she’s ghost co-written six books of commercial fiction. McNear has worked as a developmental and content editor for many first time novelists, memoir writers, and non-fiction writers. Her first novel, The River Burning, is a meditation on family, the beauty of the west, the environment, and loss. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Alexandra is a graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles. She lives in Sag Harbor, New York, with her husband.  

Excerpt from The River Burning: “In the beginning, we were three. Oliver, Ada, and I. We were born in that order, without ceremony, and grew up in a ranch house east of Bootleg Canyon where the nearby Muddy Mountains carried the hint of lavender and dried blood on their puckered surface. On most days the sky a blade of lapis lazuli shot through with fine lines. The clouds piled high, like Marie Antoinette’s hair. The land scrubbed down to sage and gunmetal and sand. In monsoon season, the musky smell of the creosote bush clung to the wind, and small ponds formed in the dry rushes. Well, that’s how I remember it.”

Outdoor Reading
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